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Sociology Exam Preparation

IGCSE, O-Level, AS, A-Level
Complete course preparation
Topical presentation
Past-paper practice with every topic
Batch and one-on-one classes
2 classes a week
8 classes a month
1 hour each class
Cambridge | Pearson Edexcel | Oxford AQA

Our Teaching Methodology

  • In our classes we focus on Topical preparation and past-paper practice.

  • Past-papers are practiced with every topic preparation

  • Students get to learn how to answer the exam style question from the very first topic

  • Each lecture is recorded so the students can watch the lectures again for revision

  • Students are given A* notes to help them prepare

  • Students are given a welcome kit to make notes

  • Students are given additional resources

Sociology topics covered in classes

IGCSE & O Level

Unit 1:Theory and methods

Unit 2:Culture, identity and socialisation

Unit 3:Social inequality

Unit 4: Family

Unit 5: Education

Unit 6: Crime, Deviance and social control

Unit 7: Media

AS | A level

Socialisation, identity and methods of research

1. Socialisation and creation of identity

2. Methods of research

The family

1. Theories and family and social change

2. Family roles and changing relationships


1. Education and society

2. Education and inequality


1. Key debates, concepts and perspectives

2. Contemporary issues



1. Ownership and control of media

2. Media representation and effects



1. Religion and social order

2. The influence of religion


Pearson Edexcel

Oxford AQA

American Curriculum


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